About DJ Grayson

DJ Grayson is a South African author who published his first novel, Man in the Mirror, exclusively in the Notorious Minds boxset. 

He’s been an avid reader of Thrillers and mystery novels since he could read and loved this genre since he could remember.
Man in the Mirror is his first novel and it will be available in the Notorious Minds Boxset, set for release the 9th of October 2020.
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Man in the Mirror is DJ Grayson’s title in the Notorious Minds boxset, a thriller/mystery crime anthology. It’s on pre-order for 99c and if you purchase your pre-order between the 17th of March to the 13th October you will get our amazing Pre-order gift (image on the right).



Trying to solve her sister’s murder, steer Megan Miles directly into the murdere’s path, with devestating concequences.

Megan vowed to never return to her home town, a small town where everyone knows everything and the town where her little sister was murdered eighteen years ago.
But when she inherits her family’s house, fate forced her to go back and a new love of her hometown starts to developed as well as the urge to find her sister’s killer.